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Week 2 has been great! We have been doing some practice SATs tests (3 Maths, 1 SPAG and 1 reading comprehension).
We have all tried our hardest to get the best scores we can so that we have a good result. We have now got our scores and all of us are happy with them because we tried our best.

We are still waiting to know who won the table points this week.

In computing we learnt lots about functions for a mobile phone (especially games) and unused functions. In maths we are learning coordinates because some people struggled on coordinates in our tests. In P.E we played rounders on Tuesday and frounders (football rounders) on Thursday.

During the register this week we spoke German and we had to say Guten Tag Herr Brigg for good morning Mr Brigg and Ich bin Zehn jahre alt, which means “I am 10 years old.”


Written By Ben And Ashley