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Year 5 & 6 Residential Trip to Kilvrough

Day 1 - Are we nearly there yet?

After a very prompt start, an incident-free journey and numerous requests of "Are we nearly there yet?",  56 very excited children arrived to glorious, Welsh sunshine at Kilvrough.


The day began with the first problem-solving activity - how to put a duvet cover on!! At 7:30 p.m. some of them are still trying to fathom out how to do it!!


Todays activities were Centre-based to enable the children to begin team bonding with children they may never have worked with before.


Mrs Robinson and Mrs Robert's groups  went head-to-head in the challenge of how to transport a bowl of water across an assault course without spilling the water or touching the floor. Despite penalty cups of water being transferred from one bowl to another, and some ingenious ideas of how to get 12 members of the team, plus the water, over an 8ft wall, the result ended up being a draw.


Ms McGurk and Mr Fane's groups had challenge of having to get across the low ropes course. Great teamwork and cooperation was shown by all involved to ensure that all completed the challenge.


In another part of the grounds, Mr Brigg and his group were doing The Holey Pipe Challenge. Yes, this is a pipe with holes and it involved water. Do you think the children may have got a bit wet? I shall leave the rest to your imagination as to what the outcome was but let's just say the Drying Room is now very full.


All this activity resulted in hearty appetites being filled with sausage/fish and chips.


The children are currently burning off their last ounce of energy, running around following orienteering clues, before what will hopefully be a peaceful night!!


All is well in Wales and the forecast looks good for tomorrow.


Becky Roberts