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Woodlands Day 4

Good evening everyone! Here is the final blog entry for this year's Year 5 & 6 Residential Visit 2016.


I thought by way of changing things up a little, that you might like to hear from the other staff who have come away this year and so while we sat through a very noisy and excited dinner this evening, I asked them all to jot down a significant memory, funny moment or general philosophical reflection on the week that you might enjoy reading. Here's what they came up with:


Mili Majithia:

"This is sooooo scary but so much fun!" (Tamsin T)

"Right foot, right hand, left foot, left hand..." (Instructions for the swings on the high ropes, from Oscar W to Miss Majithia whose stomach was in knots after hearing she was 24 feet off the ground from Alex B who was being very brave.


Becky Roberts:

"I'm so proud of myself!" (Abbie M after caving)


Tom Fane:

After being carried by the current past the target rock in a canoe race, realising that Seb had suddenly decided to abandon ship and swim for it, in a final bid to claim victory.


Hannah Sutton:

"Don't worry Mrs Sutton - just jump - I will catch you!" (Charlie M, helping a terrified Mrs Sutton on the high ropes zip wire).


...and me... too many hilarious moments to mention them all here, but probably today, at the end of a very long and arduous mountain walk my group realising that our instructor was secretly tracking us on the last part of our journey (in a effort to monitor the success of the group dynamic) my group whispering to each other "quick he's listening behind the tree over there - shout out some stuff that he likes..." and then following up with phrases like "come on this is awesome guys - let's all work together like a real team" and "watch out for that big boulder let's really help everyone across and not rush ahead..." and "wait a minute someone's laces are undone, let's all stop and help.." It probably loses something in the retelling but it had me in near hysterics by the end.


Well that's about it I'm afraid, you might be interested to hear that the children are busy 'packing' to come home - I'm glad I'm not the one who has to open some of the suitcases you will be faced with tomorrow! They are also reclaiming some slightly damp and musty clothes from the drying room and not claiming others. It's amazing the ability some of them have to deny all knowledge of certain items even when they are named (especially wet underwear). There's also some last minute souvenir shopping taking place and then a quick course evaluation session followed by bed...and in case you were wondering we had a successful evening yesterday with all in bed and asleep by 9:20!


We are planning to leave at 3pm tomorrow and will be back in Steeple Aston by 6pm all being well. Please could we request that all parents wait for their children up on the grass triangle in front of the flagpole and we will send you children up to meet you. This will hopefully help with the usual crush that we have of suitcases and bags being unloaded, parents waiting and children being picked up all squashed onto a narrow pavement by the wheels of the coach. Once all the bags are unloaded you are welcome to go down to collect them. Many thanks and see you tomorrow.