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Woodlands Day 3

Woodlands Blog - Day 3

20th April 2016


Quote of the day -

Child in Group 1: 'That bird down there just shook it's bum at me - it's a twerking bird!'

Mr Brigg: 'That bird down there is a wagtail'.


And so we come towards the end of our third full day here at Woodlands and it's been beautifully sunny again although there has been an easterly wind blowing which apparently is very common at this time of year. It does however, make a 6 mile canoe journey into 25mph head winds almost impossible and so on my second day of canoeing (Deputy Head's perks) we had to cut our trip down the Wye slightly short and instead took an unscheduled dip in the river and also built a canoe pyramid - who knew there was such a thing??!! One of the most impressive aspects of the whole canoe experience is the children's limitless enthusiasm and hard work, even down to unloading and loading canoes, paddles, lunch barrels and all the other paraphernalia needed for the day on and off the mini buses and trailers.


Mr Fane has been caving with his group today and is resolved to work on his flexibility having spent a day underground and not being able to stand at full height for nearly 3 hours (I wonder if there's money in the budget for a chiropractor?) - once again the children did brilliantly and completed all the challenges around the course. They were joined by Mrs Sutton (a caving novice too) who said she was very proud of her group and has asked me especially to post a picture especially requested by a member of her group to prove to her mum that she really did do the caves - even though she wasn't at all sure before coming away!! smiley


Mrs Roberts and her group have been high in the trees, up the climbing wall and on the zip wire. Again the whole group made it across despite initial misgivings and in one case, with the aid of quite a lot of screaming for dutch-courage!!


The children are all sleeping well although my prediction that they would all go to sleep quickly last night proved not to be the case but we are hoping for better luck tonight. I have instituted a bed-time story session for the boys that want it and that seems to have a very soporific effect the listeners - or maybe it's just my boring voice?! Most of the children are also doing a sterling job completing all their duties around the centre each day which includes tidying their rooms, laying tables for breakfast and evening meals, making beds and collecting all the equipment they will need for the various activities each day - I'm sure lots of them will have learnt many skills in addition to those they acquire on the activities they take part in each day and I hope you all benefit from them when they get back.


One of the nice things about writing this blog every evening is that I get an hour or so of quiet time to reflect on the day, while the rest of the staff man the evening activity - which tonight is a proper orienteering course using maps and compasses. I'm trying to be mindful of my grammar and punctuation - given the new more rigorous requirements of the National Curriculum but still probably not quite 'meeting expectations.'


Tomorrow is mountain walking day for two groups - so keep your fingers crossed for good weather. Not long to go now. See you all on Friday.