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BLOG 14-7-17


This week was an emotional one!

Monday preparations for Founder’s Day had us in tears as memories of Dr Radcliffe’s came flooding back.

We played some sports games with the class R’s and (I hope) they enjoyed it. After Monday was done, (again) we played some board games with the class R’s.

The choir showed KS2 a performance that we would do the following evening.

We also wrote Mr Brigg some goodbye letters which were compared to the introduction letters we did for him at the beginning of the year.

On Thursday we had Founders Day and Mr Brigg said it was the most emotional Founders Day he’s ever been to!

We also did ‘Goodbye my friend’ which was also very emotional. We told the audience about our favourite memories of Dr. Radcliffe’s, some of them funny and some of them serious.

Mrs Boote gave a speech and announced all of our achievements. This year, us, is the equality class because of our work for black history month, international women’s day and various other things. We each received a Good News Bible, to remember the school, and a certificate, listing what we have done as a class.

Then we and our special guests went into the hall for a Founders day tea. We presented the teachers with gifts, listened to Mrs Brown’s speech, Jenny’s speech and at the end we unexpectedly went up onto the stage and gave a reprise of ‘Goodbye my friend’.

The squash station, with drinks for the kids, turned into a hug station where some of the children hugged Mrs Sutton and Mrs Marshall.

On Friday, Daniel Pokorny turned up at the school- even in the uniform- and joined the class!