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Week beginning 5.1.16

Blog far this week has been crammed full of amazing projects and activities to do. On The first day back we had some fantastic maths challenges to do and then we did some English work on homophones. In the afternoon we started our first project about our new topic, London! The aim of the activity was to create a map of the United Kingdom into our new London topic books so we could all see where London was. After that we had to draw a map of the river Thames. There was lots of interesting facts that were learnt in that lesson like London’s population I approximately nine million people! In my opinion the first day back was amazing. Over the week on various different days we have had a lot of unique activities like the “Big Write” which was this time about how you need to imagine there is a crazy out of control year 6 party at one of your friend’s house. First you need to write the child coming to the parties view and then once you had finished that you had to write the adults view when they came to pick their child up.

This Friday we did an especially hard spelling test to prepare us for our sats and usually alongside our weekly spelling test we have a small timetables test as well but as the test was longer than usual we didn’t have the time. This week on Maths we are focusing on fractions and long multiplication.

In our latest science lesson we are learning about Evolution and classification. In my opinion science is one of the most fascinating subjects because it is so fun to work out the questions that life challenges us with.

Computing is a fun lesson and we have recently been learning about smart phones and how technology has evolved through the years.