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Week 7

Week 7...

This Week:

This week we have been learning all about Fiona 5. Fiona 5 runs the Ten Town Sports Centre. We have been looking at the different ways we can make 5. We then created a class bar chart to show which fruit is Class R's favourite. Strawberries were a clear winner!

In phonics we have looked at the sounds e/l/h/sh and r. We have been blending and segmenting words with a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern (CVC).


Radcliffe Bear's Birthday

After the children showed an interest in birthday celebrations, this week we planned and celebrated Radcliffe Bear's birthday. The children wrote invitations, made birthday cards, wrote shopping lists and some even wrapped up 'presents' and made pass-the-parcels. Before the party started Radcliffe Bear introduced the children to some yoga, based on his favourite story: We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

As the party then started we were witness to some impressive dance moves. We even played musical statues and finished the week with a whole class game of pass-the-parcel, using the parcels the children had made.


Head lice

Please take some time to check you child's hair for head lice this weekend. We have at least one confirmed case in class and a few others with itchy heads. If you do find lice, they can be treated with lotions and potions from the pharmacy. It is also important to keep combing through every few days.


Morning Independence

I am aware that Monday morning was somewhat chaotic. However, the children have blown us away with their growth in independence this week. We have had a few incorrectly placed items but the children are beginning to use their initiative to find their things. For example when a child couldn't find his snack box today, he asked for help in looking for it and then suddenly said, "wait, I will look in my bag!"


Class Wish List

A huge thank you to the parents who have been bringing in goodies that are on our Wish List. We will be developing an Amazon Wish List over half term and will put a link on the Class R web page when it is up and running.