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Week 6 (13/12)

Week 6...

This week:

This week we have been recovering from our Christmas performance last week. We have been focussing on rhyming alongside our RWInc sessions and in Maths we have been looking at finding one more.



Lots of the children are finding rhyme a challenge. At home you could encourage rhyming by:

  • Rhyming names: Geoffrey-Weffrey, Sadie-Lady, Jonathan-Bonathon etc
  • Rhyming nonsense words with foods: Brocolli-sprocolli, sweetcorn-feetcorn etc
  • Choose an object and see how many rhymes you can find to go with it. For example: pin, win, bin, limb, spin, grin... Nonsense words count: we call them alien words and say, "What a load of nonsense!"
  • Eye spy. For example: 'I spy with my little eye, something that rhymes with pear (chair).'


An elf:

This afternoon, in the woods, an elf was spotted. Please log in to Tapestry for details. Please email Mrs Rymell if you are having any trouble accessing your account.


Books outside:

There are some books outside Class R that are surplus to requirements. Please feel free to take anything you think you might have a use for (donations welcome towards class resources).


The wish list

A huge thank you for the continued donations of items from our Amazon wish list. We now have a set of 8 individual blackboards. Here is the link to our updated wish list:


Have a fantastic weekend.


Best wishes,


The Class R Team