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Week 4

Week 4...

This week:

In Maths we have been learning all about the number 9. We have met Nina Nine from Ten Town and we have been looking at different ways to make 9.

In Literacy we read Astro Girl. Astrid loves anything to do with space. We created a list of all the things we already know about space.


The Woods:

In the woods, Superworms and Zogs made their very own owl babies. There was also a lot of imaginative play and some of the children pretended to get stuck down a hole they found. 

Next week Tiddlers and Gruffalos will be visiting the woods to look for the signs that Spring is on the way.



We hope that some of the children may be taking part in Radcliffe Bear's technology mission. One child kindly brought in a robot for everyone to have a go with on Friday. If anyone else has any 'tech' toys that the children might like to try please bring them in. These toys will be used under supervision.