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Week 3

Week 3

This week:

This week we started our daily phonics (RWInc) sessions and we have also started Maths and Literacy. We were also lucky enough to explore the new Year 1 play area on Tuesday.

We have noticed some children are already coming in independently and are hoping that next week all children will be able to come into class independently in the morning so we can start our day on time.



I've noticed a few parents haven't yet activated their Tapestry account. It's a really useful way to find out what your children have been doing in school and is a good way to strike up a conversation with your child if they are reluctant to tell you about their day. We also welcome observations from parents. You have the ability to add your own if your child has done anything at home that impresses you.


Class Reps

So far one parent has kindly stepped forward to take on the responsibility of Class Rep. It would be really lovely if there was another parent who would like to share this role. I will be asking for everyone's telephone numbers and email addresses so that the Class Rep can create a telephone tree.



It's really important that the children have wellies in school so that they can play in the sand. It also means they can play outside when it rains.


The Woods

On Friday we will be visiting for The Woods for the first time. All children need a change of clothes, waterproofs and wellies.



Please try and provide your child with a small snack. Some children are coming in with a whole lunch box full of snacks and are then spending ages eating instead of playing and are struggling to eat their lunch.


Personal belongings

Please can you make sure you child does not bring any personal belongings into school other than the items they need and one small comforter if required. We have had a lot of upset this week over special notebooks and bracelets and coins going missing. We have also then had children trying to take school property home. It is really important that the children understand that school things stay at school and home things stay at home.



Please label everything your child brings to school with their name. TAs often need to race off to after school club and they don't have time to search for jumpers and cardigans without names in at the end of the day. If it isn't labelled, it's easiest to assume someone else has claimed it. 


Mrs Rymell is away

I would just like to let everyone know that I will not be in school from the 2nd-4th October. I am attending a family wedding abroad. This trip was booked before I started my position at Dr Radcliffe's in February. I will be explaining this to the children and they will have the same Supply Teacher for the three days.


Wish list

We have a rather extensive 'Wish List' in Class R. Lots of the things on it are things you might find around the house (especially if you like drinking wine!). I will find a box to put outside in the mornings for any 'Wish List' donations. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated.