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Week 2

Our first full week at school...

Settling in

The children have been settling into school life really well. They are beginning to settle into the routine and have quickly picked up on how snack time and lunch time works in our class.


Coming in

We would now appreciate it if you could encourage your child to come in independently at the start of the day. They all know where their things need to go and we are on hand to help and encourage them to put their things away independently. I aware of a few children who may still need an adult to help them settle. The quicker you leave, the quicker we can settle them. We will let you know if they do not settle and if you would like a phone call later in the morning just to reassure you that your child is settled and happy, just let one of us know.

Some children have been coming in quite late. The Class R door opens at 8:40 am and the school day starts at 8:50 am. From next week we will be having less time to settle in the morning as I need to start completing the register on time, before we move into phonics.


Toys from home

Please do not let your child bring toys in from home. Some of the children are finding it very difficult to distinguish between what belongs in school and what is from home. Some toys have already gone missing and some bags have had to be emptied at the end of the day. It is important that the children understand that things that belong to them stay at home and things belonging to school stay in school.

However, if you child requires a transition object to help them settle they may bring it.

Children are not required to bring pencil cases into school.


Spare clothes

Please ensure your child has at least 1 complete change of clothes in their bag. We've already had to lend clothes to children who have had accidents or have got wet playing in the sand kitchen.


Wellies and waterproofs

Please ensure your child has wellies and waterproofs in school. They are required to wear wellies when playing in the sand and we also expect them to be able to play outside whatever the weather.


Woods volunteers and Class Reps

Thank you to the parents who have already come forward to offer their time to join us in the woods. If anyone else if able to spare a Friday afternoon to help us in the woods please speak to a member of staff in the office. The woods require a smaller adult:child ratio so we rely on volunteers.

We do not currently have Class Reps assigned to our class. If you are interested in becoming a Class Rep, or would like more information about what the role involves, please speak to a member of staff in the office.



There have already been a few absences due to illness. Please ring the office to let them know if your child is not going to be in. In cases of an upset stomach, please keep your child home until at least 48 hours since their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea. 


All of the children (and adults!) were exhausted by Friday afternoon. We hope they all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing them all refreshed on Monday morning. We also hope that Radcliffe Bear is having fun on his first weekend adventure.


Best wishes,


Mrs Rymell