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Week 2 (15/11)

Week 2...

This Week:

We have had a very busy week, this week. On Tuesday we split into our new phonics groups and everyone has been learning the new routine as two groups now leave the room to use spaces in the Samuel Radcliffe building.

We have also begun learning the songs we will be singing out our Nativity performance on the 6th December. We are using Makaton signs, alongside our songs so we have a lot to learn. We have all been impressed at how well they are picking up both the signs and songs. At the beginning of next week, I hope to sort out the children's parts for the performance.

Remembrance/ Poppy Day:

On Monday the children took part in a two minute silence at 11am to remember the brave people from the war. We watched the Cbeebies 'Poppies' video to make our two minute silence a little bit easier. We then talked about the video which demonstrates how the poppies grew in the battle fields when the war is over.

Odd Sock Day:

On Tuesday the children celebrated the fact that everyone is unique by wearing their odd socks to school. We listened to the story 'Odd Dog Out' and we talked lots about how we could make one small change as a class to be better friends to each other. We decided that it wasn't fair to have just one best friend and that we should all try and play and be friends with lots of different people.


On Tuesday we lucky enough to o have a PE session organised by some Year 5 children. All of the children had a fantastic time and took part in all of the activities the Year 5s had set out. The Year 5s were fantastic at encouraging and supporting the Class R children.

The Woods:

Please make sure your child has warm socks and lots of layers for the woods. If they only have a thin waterproof, please be aware that we will have to wear their normal school coat over the top to keep them warm. Gloves and hats are also a fantastic idea at this time of year.


The Wish List:

I would like to say a special thank you to parents who have bought things on our wish list, for their amazing generosity. We have a completely restocked Class R's paint cupboard, as well as some Christmas craft resources. We are beginning to build up a collection of corks and we have lots of pasta for threading, as well as materials for making playdough.


Mini SD cards:

i am on the search for two MINI SD cards (not micro). I purchased two child friendly cameras for the class, not realising they require Mini SD cards, which seem to be impossible to get hold off. If anyone has a redundant Mini SD Card they are able to donate it would be much appreciated.


Dramatic role play:

Our current focus in Class R is to develop our role play areas. Outside we will be creating a train station and inside we will be providing enhancements for our home corner.


Class R Library:

The children have been enjoying taking books home to share. It is really helpful if you write the date you returned the book, next to where it was signed out. We will be changing the books in the box regularly. The children are free to change their books as often as they like. If they would like to take more than one at a time, they may.


Water bottles:

Please make sure you child brings a refillable water bottle to school.


Have a lovely weekend.


Best wishes,


The Class R Team