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Week 1

Our first few days at school...


Welcome to Class R. We’ve been super impressed with how well the children are settling into Class R. They are already learning new routines and making new friendships. We’ve already had so much fun and laughter and only a very minimal amount of tears.

This week the children have been allowed to explore. They are beginning to get to grips with how snack and lunchtime works and are already making new friends as well as developing relationships with the adults in Class R.


Beginning and end of the day

Please try and discourage children from playing outside at the beginning and end of the day. Once they are a little more settled I would like to be able to set up our outside activities before school so it is important that the children know not to play with the equipment before and after school.

Please make sure your child and even more importantly, we know who is collecting them at the end of the day. If this changes at some point in the day please call the office and they will pass a message on to us and we can then let your child know too.



If you are sending your child a snack into school (you don’t have to - a small piece of fruit or veg is provided) can you please make sure it is something small. Some children are spending more time eating that they are playing!

Their snack needs to be in a small, clearly labelled box. We’ve already had children confused because their snack box is the same size as a lunch box and a child ate the wrong Yo-Yo because they couldn’t remember what colour Mummy had packed.

It’s also really important that your child knows what they have for their snack and what their snack box looks like. Some children have been surprised by the contents of their snack or have struggled to find their box.

If your child is having a packed lunch please put their snack in a separate box. Some children have been trying to consume the contents of an entire lunch box at snack time!



If you would like your child to have a carton of milk each day at school you should have received a form with all of the details of how to sign up in your welcome pack.