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Wednesday in the woods 8th May

We had a lovely afternoon in the woods. First thing this morning it looked like we would be getting very wet, but luckily the rain went away and we had come lovely sunny intervals. 


First we had a game of hide and seek where Mrs Goldsworthy had to look really carefully to find as lots of the shrubs and ground level plants had grown a lot since we were last there. 


Then Mrs Goldsworthy set us a challenge linked to our learning in the classroom. We had to make a diagram / picture using the natural materials in the woods to show half and another to show a quarter. Here are some of our fraction creations. 

During our free play, Mrs Goldsworthy gave us the chance to make use Elder to make beads to form a chain or necklace. We had to use smaller stick to poke the pith out of the middle of the bead and then thread some string through each bead. After that, Mrs Goldsworthy showed us how we could peel different layers of the bark off to create different colours and effects. Here are some of the Elder Bead Necklaces / Chains we made today. 
Here are some of the other things we made and did during free play.