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Wednesday 6th November

Our first visit to the woods this half term was a bit chillier than last half term, autumn is definitely here. We could see that there were many more leaves on the woodland floor and there are a much wider range of colours in the leaves too. 


When we arrived at base camp, we were surprised to find a group of woodland animals on the bench with a letter from The Pixies. Mrs Goldsworthy explained that they were friends of Mrs Bickley's but wasn't sure that they'd come back now that Mrs Bickley has retired. The Pixies had set us a challenge, it would seem that they've seen us working hard in our science lessons where we have thinking about the basic needs of animals. The challenge was to make a habitat suitable for each of the woodland creatures that are friends with The Pixies. 


Have a look at the habitats we found, made and created. In some of them, you will need to look closely as they are very well camouflaged. 

We also had fun in our free play. Lots of running around and some more den building.