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Wednesday 2nd October

We were very lucky to have another gloriously sunny afternoon in the woods this week, particularly as it was such a wet and rainy day the day before. 


We began our woods session by playing a team game called 'Islands.' Each team had to make sure that everyone was safely on the island every time the terrible storms reduced the size of the islands. The children had to communicate effectively with each other to fold the tarpaulins carefully and support each other as the island became much smaller. 

After our warm up game, we became 'Colour Detectives.' Mrs Goldsworthy challenged us to find things in the woods that matched the tints and tones of different coloured paint swatches. We all choose our own colours to match and had to use our observation skills effectively to check if the objects matched up. 
We had great fun in our 'free play' time, building dens, finding mini beast, setting up a cafe amongst other things. Great to out in the fresh air.