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Warwick Castle Trip

We listened carefully to the gate keeper telling us about the Portcullis and watched it being opened. As we walked through we saw how sharp the spikes were and looked up to see the murder holes where boiling water would be thrown down on to the enemy.
We had fun climbing up on to the ramparts which are the top of the strong castle walls. First of all we climbed up Clarence Tower before we climbed up Guy's Tower which is 39 meters high and has five storeys too it. We were all rather puffed out by the time we reached the top of the winding staircase, but the views were amazing. It was a long and steady climb back down and lots of had wobbly legs afterwards!
Whilst we had our lunch we watched 'The Mighty Trebuchet' being fired as their was a battle commencing at the castle. This trebuchet is said to be the largest working trebuchet in the world and is considered to be a deadly military machine.
We also had a wander around the huge grounds of the castle and looked inside the castle's Great Hall and other stately rooms.