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Trips to the Woods

First Trip of the Year 28th September

We had a lovely first trip back into the woods on Monday. We could already see the signs of Autumn with leaves falling from the trees and changing colours. The children had great fun exploring this familiar space, building dens and climbing trees, but also had fun making their own Indian Head Dress from things they found on the forest floor.

Autumn Leaves 5th OCtober

We had another lovely afternoon in the woods on Monday, a slightly damper experience but the children had great fun nevertheless. There is more evidence of Autumn taking hold with many more leaves on the floor and an array of different colours. Some of the children took up the challenge to find as many different colours of leaves as possible and then had to see if they arrange the colours in the order of change from green to brown. After that they created their own pictures using different colour leaves where we had faces and trees. Other children had fun imagining they were on hammocks – unfortunately some of their hammocks could really only cope with one child at a time. All good fun though.

Building Minpin Houses 9th November

Last half term we read the story The Minpins by Roald Dahl where small people, Minpins, live inside the tall trees of woods all around the country. The children have been quite determined to see if they could spot any evidence of them in our woods and it would appear that they have spotted signs of Minpins which is very exciting! Many of the children threw themselves into the task of building a house for these Minpins and worked really well in their groups to create a range of designs. They thought carefully about the houses needing camouflage and created different rooms for them.