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Trip to Warwick Castle

We had a fabulous day out at Warwick Castle and we were very lucky that the sun shone for most of the day. After a snack when we arrive, we had a go a climbing Clarence Tower. From here we could get a pretty good view but many of carried on, walking along the ramparts and then up Guy's Tower. Guy's Tower is 39 meters high so the views were much clearer. We could understand why Norman Castle's needed towers to be able spot any invaders from a long way off.


After climbing down the tower, we climbed up the mound which is the oldest part of Warwick Castle and was build in 1068, not long after the Battle of Hastings. Whilst we were eating our lunch, we were able to watch the Mighty Trebuchet being fired. The trebuchet is the largest siege machine in the world and the catapult fired the cannon ball a huge distance away. 


During the rest of the afternoon, we had time to visit the birds of prey, explore the inside of the castle, visit the gaol, walk through the King Maker Experience and finish of with trying to find out way through the Horrible Histories maze. 


It was a great day out for Class 2!