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Seaside Holidays at the Oxfordshire Museum

Creating moods in art - summery collages

Sport Relief

Features of the church

Dropping Detectives- Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore

Which characteristics make a good leader?

Collages inspired by Pieter Bruguel's "Hunters in the Snow"

Our posters showing what we care about

Creation story- finding our own way of helping us remember the sequence, then playing a game to race to put the images in order

Making our Creamy Ice Float Drinks

National Handwriting Day- choice of activities


Jewish sukkot shelters in the woods

Making shadow puppets in the woods

Creating moods in art inspired by artists

European day of languages

Harvest Festival and Baptism continuous provision

Hidden meaning boxes to help us understand parables

Naming the parts of the body-Funnybones