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The Year so far...




In English we have been working hard on "The Big Write" which takes place on a Monday morning.

We have also been doing lots of practice on Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling - this includes work on proper nouns, abstract nouns, verbs and adjectives.

This week we have being doing mock SAT papers in preparation for the real thing!

Every Friday we are tested on spellings that we are given on Monday mornings.


MATHS smiley

We have covered many topics in maths including place value and the number system, fractions, decimals and percentages, ratio and proportion, calculation, measurement and next week we are covering geometry!

Along side our Friday spelling test we also do a mental maths and times tables test - this gives us the chance to earn lots of class points towards golden time!!



In science we have studied classification, understanding the 5 Kingdoms of life, the human circulatory system, how to keep our bodies healthy and did some experiments helping us to understand how exercise can effect your heart rate - This was great fun an also exhausting!!



Computing is always a fun lesson and we have enjoyed learning about smart phone Apps and understanding GPS.

We got the change to invent our own smart phone App and present our design to the class.


RE frown

Mrs ledger teaches us RE and so far this term we have been comparing religions and the fundamental beliefs of different faiths.

We have researched the role of religious leaders in the community and why people turn to religious leaders in times of trouble.


DT AND ART smiley

In art we have been looking at Greek masks and the difference between comedy and tragedy masks.

We have designed our own and will get the opportunity to make them out of clay and paint them!  



We all love PE and have been visiting Bloxham School for swimming lessons on Monday's - learning water skills and improving our swimming.

We also have games lessons with Mrs Ledger on a Thursday where we have had the opportunity to play football/netball and basketball.

some of us have had the chance to take part in out of school competitions such as tag rugby, cross country and a swimming gala.



Every Wednesday we have class circle time where we discuss any class business with Mr Brigg and chat about various topics such as E-safety, ambitions, facing your fears, friendships and we also end the session with a fun game.


We have just starting practising the songs for our Christmas Performance - Roald Dahl's Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Mr Brigg has cast the characters and we are in the process of learning our lines and practicing the songs.


We've also been thinking of fundraising ideas for our London trip, so far we are planning a cake sale and a sponsored run, This year we are going to see The Phantom of The Opera!!


Stay tuned to keep up to date with class 6!