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Term 5

In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf...

Week 1


The children have settled quickly into a new term and we're all super impressed that even more of the children are coming in independently in the morning. Please ensure you try to make them as independent as possible. The children who are left to sort out putting away water bottles, book bags and snacks for themselves soon get into a routine of organising themselves.

I have left the 'Wow Moments' up on the window for now, but will take last term's down and add them to online Learning Journeys once we get a few more.

This week we have started looking at the story of The Hungry Caterpillar. Hopefully, next week, we should get a delivery of some real caterpillars so that we can watch them develop over the course of the term.

Week 2

This week we have been observing our caterpillars closely and they have doubled in sizeover the course of the week! We have been looking at lots of change this week, including the change of the month from April to May, we have been exploring the months of the year.

We’ve been super impressed with the development of writing in Class R. Some of the children have even been choosing to write independently in their Learning Through Play. The children are getting really good at using their Fred Talk skills to sound out their words as they write.

We really lucky to avoid the rain for our time in the woods this afternoon. We went on a bug hunt and even found some wild caterpillars. The children talked about the similarities and differences between the caterpillars they found and the ones in our classroom. I have brought the class caterpillars home with me and will record an update a day on here if the children would like to keep observing them!!

Unfortunately, I had a little fallout with the photocopier this afternoon and it refused to print the newsletter, I will add a copy to the website and hand it out on Tuesday.


Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Dancing caterpillars

Still image for this video
After reading that caterpillars respond to noise I tried playing different music with them sat on top of a speaker. It turns out that they quite like The Greatest Showman and they all started to wriggle!!

Growing caterpillars

The black clumps on the inside of the lid is what’s left behind each time the caterpillars shed their skin as they grow.

the caterpillars are getting very big and very fluffy. The fluff is black and white. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillars

Still image for this video
It must be lunch time!

Week 3

This week in Maths we have been doubling. This included using butterflies and ladybirds to double the amount of spots. The children wrote some number sentences and understood that doubling is 'when you have the same again!'

We have been looking at descriptive language in our writing and broadening vocabulary by describing the foods that the very hungry caterpillar ate.

Our caterpillars are enormous and silly Mrs Rymell forgot to bring them home, so by Monday they may all be hiding in cocoons (fingers crossed that they wait until Monday).

The children have showed some great collaborative play this week, making caterpillar conga lines and enjoying making each other laugh.

Some parents have asked about letter formation - I have added a sheet that explains how we teach letter formation in school to the 'Resources to use at home' folder.

Week 4

This week we have been doubling and halving. We have written our own (in key groups) version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but have changed it to The Very Hungry Dinosaur and we have been adding in lots of description of the foods the dinosaur ate.

In the woods we went worm charming and counted lots and lots of worms. We also continued our search for other bugs and even found some different caterpillars.