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Term 4

Week 2


Last week in the woods, the children were excited to discover that three small houses had been built and that inside the Three Little Pigs were hiding from the wolf. The children then enjoyed pretending to be wolves, search for wolfs and discussed what kind of house a wolf might live in.


Week 3


This week we have been looking at counting backwards and subtraction in Maths. Some children have been writing number sentences. We have been learning a very simple version of The Three Little Pigs. We have also enjoyed sharing our ‘All About Me’ bags - I’m amazed at how the children have kept such special teddies in school all week without missing them!

We’ve seen lots of fantastic role play this week. The large carpet area has been a doctors surgery with a large waiting room (the children enjoyed lining up the chairs) and some very serious operations have been carried out (some involving saws!!).

All of the children have shown great resilience this week with slight changes to their routine and classroom. It is amazing how quickly they adapt.

Week 4


This week we have been continuing with subtraction and using the language of ‘more’ and ‘less’.

We have started to learn the story of The Three Little Pigs , with actions and wrote the first part of the story.

We brought the toy kitchen down from ASC as the children were showing a keen interest in cooking- mixing up Maths resources with wooden spoons!

In the woods we pretended to be the three pigs, building fires ready for the big bad wolf to come down our chimney!

Week 5

We’ve had lots of ‘Wow moments’ in Class R this week. Some children have been learning new skills for the first time, helping out at home, or even beating their dad at Monopoly!

We’ve also been super impressed with those children who have started coming into class on their own in the morning. They have shown fantastic independence and have been very proud of themselves.

We’ve been looking at shapes lots this week and then children helped me perform some magic to turn a 2d circle into a 3d sphere (whom the children have named ‘Sophia!’).

The children were all provided with cards and resources to design their own Mother’s Day cards in their learning through play. Not all of the children chose to take part in this activity (some insisted they had already bought a card from Sainsbury’s!!).