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Session 5

We had great fun during our warm up activity. Mrs Goldsworthy introduced us to a game called Islands. We got into groups of 4 and were all given a tarpaulin which we had to spread out. This was our island and we had to make sure that everyone in our group could stand on the island without getting wet from the surrounding sea. Unfortunately Global Warming kept causing the sea to rise and so our island kept shrinking in half each time. We had to work really hard to support each other to make sure that nobody fell into the ocean. 
We had yet another letter from the pixies who asked us to think about how we might build shelters for ourselves rather than just the woodland creatures who we've grown to love. Mrs Goldsworthy and Sarah (Mrs Goldsworthy's Forest School trainer) were really impressed with our ideas and how well we worked together. Mrs Goldsworthy also taught some of use how to do a Reef Knot to help us join pieces of rope together. We're going to learn some more knots next time.