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Science Workshop

Science Prize 

Class 2 were very lucky because one of our team, Ben, entered a competition when he was in a Year 1. He wrote a poem relating to Science and did brilliantly well because he won first prize. The prize meant that Class 2 and Class 1 were both able to enjoy a really interesting and fun Science Show led by Science Oxford. Class 2 were even luckier because they also had a workshop, also part of the prize, where they learnt how to make slime! 

Inventing Isobel Science Show

Isobel likes to solve problems she encounters by creating new contraptions. She thinks she’s a great inventor, but we discovered that her ideas weren't always as good as she first thought. The children soon realised that Isobel needed to choose better materials for her inventions and the  children helped her to think carefully about the properties of the various materials she could use.


During the show, Isobel and the children examined a variety of different material properties, and tried to think about which materials are best for different purposes. Does chocolate burn? Can you make a stone anchor? Why don’t we make windows out of something less likely to break? Answering these questions enabled the pupils to finally help Isobel make the right choices so she can make a new toy that won’t crack like an egg.

Slime Workshop

During the workshop, Class 2 discussed what different objects are made from and used their observations and knowledge to predict what will happen in a ‘drop tube’ test. The really exciting part was when all of the children were able to create their own new material ‘slime’ and investigate its properties.