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Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies - March 2015

Year 3 and Year 4 joined together to put on a spectacular performance of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. The acting was amazing, the singing was outstanding and the Merry Men loved wearing bright, green tights!! Everyone was fantastic but special congratulations must go to Seb (Year 4) for learning so many lines for the part of Robin Hood, Imani (Year 4) for performing two solos as Maid Marion, Edward (Year 3) for his portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham, Hugh (Year 3 ) in the role King John, Mary (Year 4) for making everyone laugh as Nursie Gerty Gusset, Toby (Year 4) for using a humongous bow in his part as Will and Talia and Primrose (both Year 3) for playing the comedy duo of Grabbit and Bolt . Well done to everyone for putting on a great show.