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PE Running Skills

The focus in our first term has been developing our running skills, particularly our long distance running skills ready for our Key Stage 1 Cross Country Competition, with the top 10 boys and top 10 girls going through to the Warriner Partnership Cross Country Event after half term. 


To help us get used to pacing ourselves and finding a steady pace for us to run a longer distance over we practised by playing some games. One was running around the playground, both netball courts for the Arches game and another was pretending to be a fireman running up and down the playground to rescue each person in turn. 


The children's stamina has really improved over the weeks and this was truly demonstrated in our Key Stage 1 Cross Country event. Both Year 1 and Year 2 have some super runners. The Warriner Cross Country is after half term so come back to the Class 2 page to find out what happened at this event.