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PE Running Skills

One of our PE focus's this term is to develop our running skills so that we can pace ourselves over a longer distance. This is in preparation for the Warriner Partnership Cross Country event after half term. We have been playing a 'Fire Fighter' game where the 'Fire Fighter' has to 'rescue' the other members of their team by running up and down the play ground for each person in turn. The 'Fire Fighter' soon learns that it is better to pace themselves over the whole game rather than sprint off at the start otherwise they get rather puffed out. 


We have also played a game around the running track on the playground called 'Underneath the Arches' where the children are in groups of 3, one person runs around the race track twice in a row, running underneath the arches made by the remaining members of each team. By increasing the distance, the children are gradually recognising the need to pace themselves. 


The distance will be increased further soon, so hopefully they will be able to put these skills into practise.