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PE Gymnastics - Using some of the apparatus

We started a new unit of PE today where we were very lucky to be working with our PE mentor Mrs Sargent. We are going to be doing a series of gymnastics lessons using the small and large apparatus. 


Today, we began by warming up playing the Hedgehog game. We were cars and different gears related to different travelling movements. There were other instructions too were had to break, be a hedgehog and even a squashed hedgehog! 

Once we were warmed up, we began to travel along, on and off the apparatus but in the style of different animals - frog, rabbit, snake, crocodile and monkey. After discovering how to move and off the equipment safely in these ways, we then showed our partner how we moved around. Our partner had to watch and follow us with their eyes as moved around and then share with us what the liked about how we travelled and moved around the apparatus. 


Have a a look at these pictures and see if you. An spot any snakes, rabbits, frogs, crocodiles or monkeys!!