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Oxfordshire Half Marathon Schools' Challenge - Oct 2015

For the last 6 weeks, 17 Year 6 children have tied up the laces on their trainers and have joined me, twice a week to run a mile. Why? They chose to take part in the Schools' Challenge of the Oxford Half Marathon. To run in the event they had to run 12 miles prior to the event. ‚Äč

So, on Sunday 11th October, 16 children (unfortunately one couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances), donned purple T-shirts and race numbers, and met me, very early in Oxford. The sun was shining and the children were very enthusiastic!!!
Having watched the adults commence their race (we did look for Mr Fane and Mrs Sargent but couldn't spot them), it was then our turn.. The siren announced the start of our race and the children shot off like bullets!!!!

Try as I could, I didn't stand a chance of keeping up with Alice, Felix and Oscar!!


In record time, all 16 children crossed the finish line and were awarded their medals.

Thank you to all the children for being so enthusiastic, to the parent for taking them to Oxford very early on a Sunday morning and to Mr Stauther, who has run weekly with me and the children , and to Mrs Davis for volunteering to try and keep up with her daughter - no chance!!
Becky Roberts