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Make 2D shapes using Geostrips

Exploring polygons with geoboards and elastic bands

Exploring Symmetry

Creating right angles in pictures in the woods

Measuring in the woods

Our first task was to find 5 different objects in the woods that we estimated were less than 30cm. Then we had to order them from smallest to largest on the sheet of paper. Next we had to challenge of trying to measure each object using a ruler - some of us found it helpful to place a piece of string along the length of the object and then measure this with the ruler.
Our next task was to find a stick that was as close to 1m in length as possible. Then we had to line all our sticks in order of size with the meter stick in the middle so that we could see how close our estimating was.
After this work Maia discovered that if she reordered her sticks on her 'xylophone,' the shorter the stick the higher pitch the sound and the longer the stick to lower pitch the sound.