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The children will be given a piece of homework each week which is expected to take no more than 20 minutes. This will mainly link to their maths each week but could also relate to English, Science or our Topic work. This work should normally be completed in their homework books.


The weekly homework will also include an update on what we have been learning and doing each week so that you are able to discuss the week in more detail with your children. I know that children have a tendency to forget what they have done so hopefully this will help!


I know that the children have busy lives outside of school and therefore recognise that there are times when it is hard to fit homework in. However, I would like to encourage you to try to find time as the work they are given can either reinforce learning that has already taken place in the classroom or could be in preparation for learning that will take place the following week.

Autumn Term 2 Homework

Spring Term 1 Homework

Spring Term 2