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Harvest For Life - October 2016

Harvest for Life is a campaign to help some of the poorest families in Africa.


Year 4 are raising money which will be sent to the charity Send a Cow who are running the campaign. Send a Cow is a charity that works hand in hand with rural families across East Africa so that they can grow enough food to feed themselves, sell produce and develop livelihoods that last. £30could buy seeds, tools and training to set up an allotment. £100 could buy a bicycle, boots and a barrow. These gifts will help families to have a better future.

Bella's Bob

​Bella has been so inspired by what the charity Send a Cow do, that she has been sponsored to have her hair cut into a bob. She has currently raised £400 for Harvest for Life. However her generosity does not stop there; her hair is going to the Princess Trust so that they can make a wig for a sick child. Well done Bella!!

Joe's Sponsored Run 


Joe did a sponsored 5k run and raised £107.

Amelia's Tasks


Amelia swan 11 lengths and was very helpful around the house so her mum gave her £20.

We had great fun counting all the loose change we had collected. The amount of coins we collected was £160.
In total we raised £770!