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Germinating Seeds Experiment

Whilst we have been learning from home, we have been continuing our unit of work about plants. Mrs Goldsworthy has set up the experiment that we would have been doing at school, at home.


Our question (hypothesis) is: Which conditions will encourage the germination of seeds best?  


What we are going to do: Mrs Goldsworthy will plant 5 broad been seeds in 5 pots with different conditions. 

Pot 1 will have air, soil, water and light

Pot 2 will have air, soil, water and NO light

Pot 3 will have soil, water, light and NO air

Pot 4 will have air, soil, light and NO water

Pot 5 will have air, light, water and NO soil


Mrs Goldsworthy will check on the seeds every 3 days and record observations of what has happened. She will also take a photograph every 3 days so that we can see too.


We have all made a prediction about which pots will germinate and which ones won't. Some of are also carrying out the experiment at home too. 



Results Table 

Mrs Goldsworthy is recording her observations of what she sees happening to the seeds every 3 days. Her daughter is helping too. 

Photographs of what is happening

Setting up the experiment

After 3 days

After 6 days

After 9 days 

After 12 days 

Day 15