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Class 3 went to read stories to Class R

Safer Internet Day


For Safer Internet Day we talked about keeping ourselves safe on the internet and particularly how to have fun and be safe with photos. We learnt about how photos can be shared with people we don’t know, asking for permission to take and share photos and being careful not to accidentally reveal any personal information.


Then we thought about how we would react in certain situations. The adults took photos for our website, but don’t worry, they asked for permission first! Some children did not want their photos taken, and that was fine.


How would you react…

If you receive a funny photo/meme from a friend?

If someone sends you a mean comment about a photo you shared?

If you are taking a funny selfie with your friends?

If someone shared an embarrassing photo of you?

If you were looking back through images of a fun day with your family?

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