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A visit from the story museum. The children listened to the story of 'Alice in Wonderland', and they chose different activities to explore the story.

Den Day for 'Save the Children'

The infant classes were joined by year 3 on Friday to have an amazing afternoon building dens and raising money for 'Save the Children'. In total we raised a magnificent £172.00, so well done !

The children all worked together, had great fun and the atmosphere within the school was truly wonderful with lots of smiling faces and all children very busy tring to build the most magnificent den .

Class trip to 'The Warriner Farm'

Look how busy we have been this week !

Safer Internet Day 2016

For 'Safer Internet' day Class R listened to a story about Smartie the penguin and how he learnt to stay safe whilst he was playing games on the computer. If you would like to go through this story with your child then please follow this link.

The children were then set a task to make a poster to show other children how they can also stay safe. The winning poster from class R was by Samuel Martin. Well done everyone !

Class Trip to 'The Oxford Museum of Natural History'

Class R went into Oxford today and spent a very interesting morning at 'The Oxford Museum of Natural History'. We learnt  about the different ways that animals are classified, this subject was introduced to use using nursery rhymes. We learnt that 'Incy Wincy Spider' belongs to the arachnid family and that the mouse in 'Hickory Dickory Dock' is part of the mammal family. We also looked at lots of different eggs to try and work out what type of egg was Humpty Dumpty, could he have been an ostrich egg or a dinosaur egg ?

We had had some time exploring the museum with our teachers trying to find some animals that ate plants and meat, and which could fly or swim etc.

Nativity Dress Rehearsal

Class Trip to the Environmental Centre at Sutton Courtenay.

Have a look at all the things we did today on our trip to 'The Environmental Education Centre' at Sutton Courtney. It was a rainy, windy and cold day but the children and adults had a lovely day! The days activities were focused around learning  how some animals prepare themselves for the long Winter. 

  Firstly to check that the seasons were changing from Autumn to Winter we went on a hunt to find different coloured leaves and seed pods. We then pretended to be swallows on their long journey to South Africa in search of warmer weather. We learnt that some of us might not have been able to finish the long hard journey.

We then thought about animals who stay in this country. All the children pretended to be squirrels and hid their nuts around the area making their food store for Winter.  Later we had to try and remember where we had hidden the nuts !

The children then went inside to listen to a story  in the nature theatre, we had to where blind folds and as the story was told we used our senses of smell, hearing and touch to experience the story in a magical way.

In the afternoon each group had to build a nest for their own dormouse. We all made our mice very cosy using grass, leaves, moss and sticks and then went inside to make some bug hotels. When we returned to our mice we checked to see if they were still nice and warm in our nests or whether they had got cold!

The children had a wonderful day out, do have a look at our photographs !

Hedgehog Art

On our last day of term we have had fun working together to collect leaves on the school field to make an outdoor collage in our play area.

Numicon Biscuits

In maths we have been learning to put the numicon plates in order from 1-10. Today we had some fun and made numicon biscuits, using a 4, 5 or 6 to be the biscuit cutter!

Forest School

We went to the woods today and collected leaves. Our focus for the session was the changing colours of the leaves in Autumn. We matched the colours of the leaves to colour charts and decided if they were a light or dark colour.