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Week 2

It was a scorching day today so heading into the woods provided some cooler air for everyone. We played another game of Vanish and the children's hiding skills are really improving in the increased undergrowth. After that, the children went on a 'stick hunt' to find a range of twigs and sticks, which they had to sort into sizes, ready for a fire. Before our camp fire, we revisited out knot skills from the last session. A quick refresher helped the children to remember and feel more confident to use them and were set the challenge of creating a shelter to keep them cool. Whilst they were constructing Mrs Goldsworthy tested her fire building skills from her Forest School Training. Once the fire had produced enough hot ash, the children were invited into the camp fire circle to toast marshmallows. As soon as their marshmallow was squishy enough (patience was required!) they were about the squeeze their marshmallow in the middle of an Oreo cookie to make a 's'more' - delicious was the verdict! 

Week 1

It was a bit of a wet start to Forest School but we got kitted up in our warm clothes and waterproofs and ventured into the woods. We began by playing a game of Vanish! Mrs Goldsworthy struggled to find some of us as we were so camouflaged in the undergrowth - William hid the best as he was last to be found. We had to give Mrs Goldsworthy clues by telling her if she was getting hot or cold depending on the direction she looked in. 


Then we learnt some knots so that we could use them to help build a shelter. We learnt how to do a Timber Hitch, a Loop Knot and a Slip Knot. We felt really pleased when we could do them by ourselves. We used our new knot skills to try and build a shelter using the tarpaulins Mrs Goldsworthy has bought for our sessions. The photos below show how we got on.