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DT Moon Buggy Construction Day

Moon Buggy Making - Moving Vehicles

On Monday 26th March, we had a great morning constructing our Moon Buggies. We had drawn out our designs which had to use axles, wheels and a chassis in one of the two ways we'd practised in another lesson. We could add a body and any additional features that we thought would be useful for a moving vehicle on the Moon. Our design also included a list of the materials we would need to use and an outline set of instructions for the order in which to make our models. 


We had great fun making them and there was lots of team work. We were really grateful for the parents who also came into help us and Seren's Dad showed us a motorised buggy called 'Lunch Box' that he had made at home. This model meant we could clearly see the axles, wheels and chassis and we then learnt about suspensions and the engine. 


Nearly all of our models could move when we tested them on the floor and there were some really creative features added including a satellite dish from a cocktail umbrella, a mirror was used as a satellite and another mirror was used as a source of power. 


Have a look at our fabulous finished models.