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DT Learning how to construct towers and walls

In a previous DT lesson, we looked closely at different pictures of castles to see what 3D shapes we could identify. We saw lots of cylinders, cones, cuboids, triangular prisms ans square based pyramids. There were also hexagonal prisms too.


We looked more closely at the shapes the towers in each castle before investigating which 3D shape was the strongest one. Many of us thought the cuboid would be the strongest as it's a shape that is used for lots of different things. However, when we carefully stacked exercise books on top of a cylinder, triangular prism and a cuboid, it was the cylinder that was the strongest as it held more books before toppling over. 


Using the knowledge from our experiment we learnt how to make our own cylinder towers from a piece of A4 paper and how to join the tower to a base. We also learnt how to make a cone to go on top of the tower and how to join it to the cylinder using tabs. 

Our next step was to learn how to make walls and how to connect them to both the base and a tower. Some of us also made a second tower and attached this to the wall and base to begin to make the shape of the castle walls. Using tabs proved a great way of joining parts of the castle together.