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Day 4 - Fun in the sun

Yet again, the day began with the sun streaming through the bedroom windows. The only difference with today that the staff were awake before any of the children!!


After a hearty breakfast of several bowls of cereal and sausage sandwiches, the children got ready for their final, full day of fun activities.


Today was the turn of Mr Fane and Ms Cubitt's group to blow away the cobwebs in a clifftop walk before doning those wetsuits and to enjoy the surf in Caswell Bay. Everyone managed to master the technique of bodyboarding very quickly, including the staff, and spent a long time riding on the crest of the waves.


Mrs Robinson's group  grabbed their hard hats and harnesses to go climbing up the cliffs off Pobble Beach. There was some excellent teamwork displayed as they had to encourage and support each other up and down the rocks.


My group and Ms McGurk's group's headed off for the canal for a day of canoeing. They managed to perfect the art of going round and round in circles very quickly. Going straight forwards was slightly more challenging! We also played the Wibble-Wobble game. This invovles a lot of wibbling and wobbling whilst you stand up in a canoe. Miraculously, everyone managed to stay dry. After all that hard work, they decided to get wet anyway by jumping in to the canal at the end of the day.


The children are currently taking part in the most challenging activity of the week - packing their own bags to come home!! This may take some time.


Tomorrow, we are all going to spend the morning on the beach before climbing on board the coach to bring us home. The week began with 56 excited children leaving Steeple Aston. Tomorrow, 57 very tired but happy children will return. They have all had an amazing week. Fears have been overcome, challenges have been set and completed and new friendships have been formed.


Huge thanks must be given to all the staff at Kilvrough Manor who have given the children a fantastic week. However, this week would not have been possible if Dr Radcliffe staff had not given up their time to bring the children here. I would like to thank Guy Brigg, Jo Cubitt, Tom Fane, Katie McGurk, Emily Robinson and Kevin Strauther who have worked tirelessly to ensure the children were safe and happy at all times. thank you for your help and support this week.


See you all tomorrow.


Becky Roberts