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Day 4 - Climbing & Canoeing

Good evening and welcome to your fourth and final Kilvrough 'blog of 2017. You will see from today's subheading that today we have mostly been canoeing or down at the beach climbing and abseiling! It seems once again we have foiled the weather forecasters and managed an almost completely dry day, although it has turned distinctly chilly.


Three groups made their way down to the beach today to work on a triumvirate of different rock climbing and abseiling activities. I have posted lots of pictures below to give you an idea of what the day looked like. One of the great things about any activity like this is teaching children how to asses the risks of the activities they are going to take part in and also how to keep themselves and their schoolmates safe. Once they have been harnessed up (and checked) they are taught the skills of belaying, so that they are directly responsible for the safety of one and other, as well as learning to overcome fears and develop all the skills necessary for climbing and abseiling. I witnessed so many acts of bravery today - particularly as children took that step into the unknown and lowered themselves backwards over a rock face.


As I write this, the children are scurrying all over the building - collecting their suitcases, finding their shoes and clothes (currently strewn across dormitory floors) and making their way down to that most dreaded of places...THE DRYING ROOM!!! In this place you will find all manner of items drying out, from days at the beach, trips to the canal and anything else that has caused the children to get wet. The smell is indescribable and despite our best efforts we always come back with a black bin liner of clothes (mainly pants and socks it has to be said, that never get claimed - I really wish Mr Fane would label his clothes properly before he goes away!)


So tomorrow is a short day - with the all of us down at the beach - some on coastal exploration and others body-boarding. We aim to be back at the centre for a quick lunch and then a 1:30pm departure. By my reckonings - that could mean we are back at school between 5 and 5:30pm. We will keep you updated using the telephone trees (if you have mislaid your copy then ask your Class Rep for a new one). Finally, if you have enjoyed looking at just a small selection of photos from our week away - the school will be selling a CD copy of the full set of pictures from the week - this will be at a cost of £3:00. More detail about this to follow.


Thank you for putting up with my daily ramblings and for letting us borrow your children for the week - they've been great and will hopefully come home tired but happy and maybe even be a little more helpful and responsible around the house?! See you tomorrow...