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Day 3 - It's Wales, and it's sunny!!

The day began, at a relatively civilized time, to the loud sounds of the resident peacock (these were quickly emulated by the children) and the arrival of two new members to our team. Welcome to Freya and to Jo Cubitt, who has taken over from Guy Brigg for the rest of our stay here. We'll be thinking of you tonight, Guy, in the luxury of your own bed!!


Anyway, all the groups went off-site, in different directions, to have an action-packed day in the glorious sunshine. Yes, the weather here in Wales is stunning!!


Mr Fane and Ms Cubitt's groups went off to the canal to spend the day canoeing. Mr Fane's group had a very relaxed time and managed to stay extremely dry for the majority of the day. On the other hand, the first boat in Ms Cubitt's group managed to capsize within 5 minutes of being on the water!! Two more followed very shortly. Not to be out done in the soggy stakes, Mr Fane's lot launched themselves in to the canal at the end of their trip.


Down on the beach, my group and Miss McGurk's group were spending the day rock climbing. The views from the top  of the cliffs were stunning and were admired by all. I watched many children overcome a lot fears, both with climbing up the rocks and then abseilling back down. The encouragement and support they gave each other was great to watch. Well done Dr Radcliffe's.


Meanwhile, on another part of the coast, Mrs Robinson's group began the day with a walk along the clifftops followed by an afternoon on the beach bodyboarding. Yet again, the waves were perfect for the activity and the children came back with huge smiles on their faces. This may be because they also had fun trying to bury each other in the sand!


Right now, the children are working off their dinner of roast pork by doing problem-solving activites, with their group, in the Centre grounds. By the shouts and cheers I can hear, I think they are being quite successful!


They'll be more news tomorrow from of our penultimate day. Let's hope Percy the Peacock (yes, apparently that is his name) is a bit quieter tomorrow morning!!


Becky Roberts