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Day 2

Woodlands Blog - Day 2: 19th April 2016


Hi Folks - I know you will have been waiting excitedly for today's round-up of news and events in sunny Glasbury-On Wye and here it is. smiley


So today the real 'outdoor and adventurous' activities started in earnest with children racing down zip wires; negotiating their way from platform to platform high up in the trees; canoeing down the River Wye and deep under ground beneath the Brecon Beacons on our first foray into the caves.


The weather has thankfully been very kind and I spent a glorious day with my group learning techniques of canoeing and then putting them into practice on a six mile trip down the Wye, taking in the odd rapid here and there on our journey. We also managed to incorporate a huge water battle part way down in which I fear I came off worst. The most exciting part was definitely chance to actually float bodily down the last rapid (and yes I do mean without the aid of a canoe) - very cold but very exhilarating - at least that's what the children told me - I was the official photographer for the event and so sadly was unable to take part (if this were a text message, this is the point where I would normally put a 'lol'). We were also joined by Mr Fane and his group and in the mass water fight that followed - we definitely won!


Mrs Roberts took up the annual mantle of  human mole and disappeared underground for the day which she said was amazing. She was also joined by Miss Majithia who had never been caving before and said she loved it! Every single member of both groups took part in all the challenges on their way round - even the infamous 'Letter-Box' in which you have to turn your head sideways in order to fit through small gap in the rocks. The children were all very brave and it took every ounce of courage for some of them, many of whom I know have been anticipating the event with excitement and dread in equal measure.


Mrs Sutton has been high up in the trees taking part in her very first 'high-ropes' course. She apparently uttered those famous words of encouragement - 'it's perfectly safe, you've got nothing to worry about because you have your safety harness on and you're clipped on with two safety wires...' And then she went up herself !!! 45 minutes later she got to the other end spurred on with words of encouragement from Lily who told her how well she was doing and then came down to welcome hug from Emily by way of congratulations for completing the course - just goes to show we've got some great kids at Dr Rad's (and some very brave staff).


The final dormitory went quiet at exactly 10:55pm last night (I know because I checked my watch in exasperation) and then I heard the patter of little feet at exactly 6;20am this morning. Cue very tired Mr Brigg entering said dorm bleary eyed and not in the best of moods, only to find all the boys fully-dressed and tidying in preparation for room inspection at 9:15 !!! I guess you can't fault them for their enthusiasm but I'm predicting from the number of tired faces and yawning going on, we won't have the same issue this evening. They've all finished dinner and are outside on evening activities - something about finding 50 secret bottles all hidden around the grounds of the house. Nothing else to report at the moment. The weather forecast says sunny for tomorrow which is great news. Three more sleeps...


Over and out. GUY BRIGG

Woodlands - Day 2