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Day 2 - Sun, Sea, Scaling and Soggy!!

The day began early with the sun, yet again, shining down on The Gower.


After a hearty breakfast copious bowls of Coco Pops and bacon baps, the troops embarked on their first of their off-site adventures.


Mr Fane and Mr Brigg's groups both went off for a day of overcoming fears by scaling cliffs. As if getting to the top wasn't hard enough, they then had to abseil back down to the ground. This takes some courage when you are trusting your peers to hold the ropes securely. Infact, even more trust is required when it is your pupils who are responsible for your safe landing. Well done Mr Fane!! For the faint-hearted there was also the opportunity to climb blindfolded. Well done Dr Radcliffe Dare-devils!!


On a canal, somewhere else in Wales, Mrs Robinson and her group were honing their canoeing technique and developing their communication and cooperation skills. There was quite a lot of bank-bumping and going round in circles. In order to circumnavigate a lock, it was necessary to disembark, into the water, and accompany their boats down the rapids. Once achieved, they then had to work out how to get themselves, and the boats, back up the rapids. Mrs Robinson earnt her flapjack, as after 10 minutes of paddling on the way home, she realised 3 other boats had been tied to the back of hers and the crews were sunbathing in their canoes!!


Meanwhile, Miss McGurk and my group went for a beautiful, but quite steep, walk along the cliifs from Bracelet Bay to Caswell Bay, via Langland Beach. The views were stunning and the children were very excited to see seals in the sea. Once arriving at Caswell bay, the moment came where we had to squeeze ourselves into extremely tight wet suits; something I do not recommend after a big lunch!! The waves were a perfect size for the children on their maiden (for most of them) Bodyboarding outing.


It is safe to say that 56 exhausted children (plus 6 members of staff) will all sleep well tonight!


I'll update you with more news tomorrow night.


Becky Roberts