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Day 1 - We've Arrived!! will all be pleased to know that we've arrived safely at Kilvrough Manor on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales - and if you're not sure where that is think of the M4, keep driving west until you reach Swansea and then turn left! (It's the bit that sticks out into the Bristol Channel). I have to say, we enjoyed a remarkably calm and stress free journey down thanks to our amazing bus driver (whose name I forgot to ask),  Despicable Me II and The Secret Life of Pets - courtesy of the on-board entertainment system.


As always, the first part of the day was spent orientating the children around the centre, collecting wet- weather gear, wellies, helmets and all the paraphernalia the children will need for the week. Following this, the children were all duly sent off to organise their dorms - by organise I mean put sheets on their beds and duvets inside the duvet covers and all their belongings into cupboards and onto shelves - as you can imagine this resulted in some interesting and amusing sights including someone who ended up entirely trapped inside their duvet cover and at least five with the duvets scrumpled into a small ball at the bottom of the cover with no hope of covering much more than a couple of feet let alone a whole body and at least three complaints along the lines of: 'my mum never showed me how to do this before I left...' It's interesting how mums always get blamed isn't it?!? So with my equal opportunities hat on, I'm laying down the gauntlet to all the male role-models out there - teach your sons (and daughters in some cases) that women aren't genetically programmed to clear up , make beds and put on duvet covers...


There followed a great afternoon at the centre itself, exploring and taking part in a range of problem solving activities in the different activity groups - my group were give responsibility for a sacred plank of wood that had to be transported form one end of an assault course to the other by all 10 children without once touching the ground. Other groups took part in similar team-building games all with the purpose of introducing the children to the cooperative skills they will need throughout the rest of the week to help them work their way through some challenging activities that will take them out of their normal comfort zones.


Food has gone down well so far - fish-fingers, beans and chips this evening followed by strawberry Angel-Delight with squirty cream - I didn't even know it existed any more! The last time I had Angel Delight - I was probably still at primary school and watching Grange Hill on TV (Google it,  if you're too young for that reference). The children are outside at the moment and taking part in an orienteering activity called 'Nose to The Ground'. This evidently involves enormous amounts of screaming and a lot of chasing each other around the grounds of Kilvrough Manor waving pieces of paper. I'm not sure I can stretch out my blogging activities much longer without being accused of neglecting my leadership duties - so I will sign off soon.


Tomorrow could to be interesting with the promise of Arctic winds sweeping the UK and the prospect of morning's body-boarding in on the coast for some of us while others are out on coastal exploration! More blogging to follow...


Guy Brigg