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Be Space - Prayer

We were very lucky to have a visit from Be Space who is a charity that supports schools to host prayer spaces. Our library was transformed into a calm and relaxing space to enable the children to explore “faith and spirituality creatively, engaging in reflective, prayerful activities which encourages the children of all faiths and no faith to respond in a way with which they feel comfortable.”


Class 2 experienced four different activities.

Sorry Sand – where the children wrote something they were sorry for in the sand and then they rubbed it out to show that they had a new start.

Playdough – where the children made something that they were thankful for

World Map – where the children had to think about other people around the world

Please Bubbles – where the children could think about anything that they were worries about or needed help with and could write a ‘prayer’


The children in Class 2 enjoyed the experience, commenting that they felt calm, happy, peaceful and excited as a result of the session.