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Our First Trip to the Woods

Even though the sun wasn't shining it was still nice and warm in the woods. After reminding ourselves of the rules to keep each safe we played a game of 1,2,3 Where are you? Mrs Goldsworthy called out to us and we had to reply so that she could use the sound of our voices to track us down. Toby had the best hiding place today, the rest of us need to think about splitting up a bit more to hide otherwise it's easier for Mrs Goldsworth to find us. 


After that Mrs Goldsworthy challenged us to be Colour Detectives. We had to hunt for different colours throughout the woods that match the colour cards that we chose. We found some interesting treasures. 

We had fun exploring the woods in slightly different by looking into a mirror that was on the bridge of our noses so that we were looking at the canopy. We also had a little lie down to look up at the shrubs and trees and tried to describe what we could see, hear and smell. Then we did the same looking at the forest floor before going off to explore more of the woods. 

Session 2

When we arrived in the woods for our next session, we found a mysterious letter and a collection of woodland animals. It seems that we have pixies living in our woods! The pixies asked us to see if we could create new homes for these woodland animals who have moved to our woods. 

In our free play many of the children continued to look after the woodland creatures whilst others had fun creating interesting faces in the leaves as well as find a new visitor to our woods. The caterpillar of a Pale Tussock Moth.