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A trip to Warwick Castle (History)

On Thursday 17th October, Class 2 went on a adventure to Warwick Castle to explore first hand the features of a castle and to see the motte that still remains from 1068 after William, The Conqueror invaded England and Motte and Bailey Castles were built as a show of strength. 


We were very lucky to have a sunnier day than we'd had earlier this week, although it was little chilly when the sun popped behind the clouds. Luckily, everyone was wrapped up warm so that they could enjoy an exciting day out. 


After a quick snack to fuel our bodies, the children had the chance to climb up Guy's Tower. Everyone climbed up Clarence Tower first so that they could get a sense of what the spiral stair case was like. After having a look at the view from this smaller tower, most children continued their exploration of the castle battlements. It was great for the children to be able to experience first hand just how wide the castle walls were, to see the crenellations and arrow slits that were used as part of the castle's defence systems. Then we climbed  Guy's Tower which is the first tower you see when entering the castle. It has twelve-sides and is 39m high - a lot of steps to climb up - and back down again! 


Once at the top, the children could see why having high vantage point was useful for people in the castle as it enabled soliders to see whether there where any enemies trying to come and attack the castle. We also thought about why the castle was built where it is. It's next to a river which is good for water and fishing, as well as near forests which would provide wood for fires and building materials as well as to hunt for food. 


The children also climbed up the original motte that was built after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Luckily, there is a path that leads us to the top otherwise it would have been a very steep climb. Again, the children were able to understand why the motte was built to high and how the keep on to would have given even better views. 


It was a great day out, with lots of first hand learning linked to our topic of Castles and the Norman Conquest, as well as the opportunity to see how castles changed over time. 

Climbing Clarence Tower and Guy's Tower

Exploring the MOtte from 1068

Exploring inside the castle, the portcullis and other castle features