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BLOG 6-9-19


This week was shorter than usual, yet still an interesting first week in Year 6.

On our first day, Wednesday, we sorted out the manager system, with managers like ICT, Art, Sport etc..

 Also in the morning we wrote an interesting letter to Mr Brigg explaining and introducing ourselves, telling him things like our hobbies and favourite subjects. We started off the afternoon with circle time/reflection time. In circle time, we played lots of fun games like ‘Worst Person to be in a lift with’ and saying the things we are looking forward to this year.


We started off the second day with some warm up maths questions to do with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Later in the morning, we started our topic for the term, Classical Greece!

 We learnt about the time before Classical Greece, the island Crete and how the entire population of got wiped out by a supposed natural disaster. After our lunch, we played cricket. We didn’t finish the game but scores are currently the first team were bowled out for 126 and the second team are 33/7.


Today started off with finishing off some Classical Greek work. After our Classical Greece work we wrote a post card about ourselves. After that we did a quick math quiz. Following on from lunch we did some science, in science we were doing how to understand the correct way to record an experiment. Soon after that we enjoyed ourselves by having golden time.

                       By Finley Yates and Harry Baker