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This week’s blog

It is a relief that the assessments are over and now we can enjoy another great week in year 6.  Beginning on Monday, we had a whole morning of rehearsals and in the afternoon we had circle time which we have every Monday. The play we are doing is Christmas Is Forever which is about an evil man who kidnaps Father Christmas and the secret agents try to get him back. We all love playing in it and love singing in it as well.


Later in the week, we had a lot of rehearsals which is because we are doing the play on the last week of the Christmas term. We are having loads of funny lol moments in the play.

Sadly on Wednesday, we did not have French because Mrs Stansfeld was ill. But we luckily did have R.E with Mrs Marshall. Also that day we had to decorate our art log.

Which is really fun and one of our favourite things to do.       

Also this week, is road safety week and on Friday we had to wear really bright clothes. As well, we had to bring in a donation of about £1. The reason we did this was because we are giving it to a road safety charity and some of it goes to our school as well.